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Equal Opportunities

The activities about Equal Opportunities in the Helmholtz Alliance are part of the backbone of HAP. The efforts are not limited to female members, but we want to strengthen all our members while managing a balanced life between excellent science and happy family life. Of course, this is mainly devoted for younger families.

We are supporting (organizationally and financially) child care for HAP events. This includes possibilities for child care at the location of an HAP event, like the kick-off meetings of the different science topics, as well as for expanded child care at home during traveling times. If individual support is needed for e.g., setting up home offices or accompanying partners during research trips and experiment shifts for HAP projects in case of child care duties, all HAP members can contact the coordinators for Equal Opportunities.



In addition, we refer to the local possibilities of the participating institutions: [DE] [DE]
http://www.rwth- [DE] [DE]


http://www.tu- [DE]

http://www.frauenbeauftragte.uni- [DE]


http://www.verwaltung.uni- [DE] [DE] Familie [DE] [DE] [DE] chancengleichheit.html [DE]


http://www.gleichstellung.uni- [DE]


http://www.familienservice.uni- [DE]