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This is the hi...

This is the highest energy neutrino event, detected in IceCube on June 11, 2014. The event deposited 2.6 PeV in the detector. Credit: IceCube Collaboration

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Gravitational waves 2.0

Scientists working at the twin LIGO instruments detected a second gravitational wave. Researchers observe a signal originating from two merging black holes of about 14 and 8 solar masses.


Scientific centre of CTA observatory coming to Germany

CTA has realised an important milestone. The Science Data Management Centre and the seat of the CTA Scientific Director should be located at the DESY research centre in Zeuthen, whereas the administrative headquarters of the CTA organisation in Bologna, Italy.


Special Breakthrough Prize
Special Breakthrough Prize In Fundamental Physics Awarded For Detection Of Gravitational Waves

The Selection Committee of the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics today announced a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics recognizing scientists and engineers contributing to the momentous detection of gravitational waves.


Possible Extragalactic Source of High-Energy Neutrinos

Where did the extreme high-energy neutrino which was observed at the South Pole in December 2012 come from? This answer has now been answered by an international team led by the astrophysics group of the University of Würzburg.





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