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The largest an...

The largest and most accurate radiosurvey of the southern sky was unveiled in October by the high-resolution Galactic and Extragalactic All-sky Murchison Widefield Array (GLEAM) project. The Milky Way flows through this image, which encompasses more than 300,000 galaxies. (from 2016 in pictures: The best science images of the year : Nature News & Comment)

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CTA Prototype Telescope, ASTRI, Demonstrates Viability of Novel Schwarzschild-Couder Design

In October 2016, the ASTRI telescope prototype of CTA passed its biggest test yet by demonstrating a constant point-spread function of a few arc minutes over a large field of view of 10 degrees.


Neutrino scale KATRIN celebrated its "First Light"!

Large-scale experiment KATRIN reaches its next milestone: For the first time, electrons fly through the entire assembly line of the experiment.


Neutrinos and gamma rays, a partnership to explore the extreme universe

IceCube, MAGIC and VERITAS collaborations present updates to their follow-up programs that will allow the gamma-ray community to collect data from specific sources during periods when IceCube detects a higher number of neutrinos.


The Pierre Auger Observatory began its $14 million upgrade

On Sep. 15, six Surface Scintillator Detector (SSD) stations of the Pierre Auger Observatory were deployed in a single trip to the engineering array site. Five more stations are planned to follow.





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